Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning Cornwall

Your carpets are probably one of the largest investments you will make in your home or workplace yet you walk all over them. They are warm, comfortable and attractive but for how long?

It is an inevitable fact that a carpet in everyday use will eventually start to show signs of the build up of dirt. Left unchecked this dirt building up in your carpet will start to grind away at the fibres, scratching and tearing, causing irreversible damage. Regular vacuuming will help, it is recommended to vacuum your carpets once a week for every person living in the household, IE. three people living in a house requires vacuuming three times a week. However vacuuming alone will not keep carpeting clean for long, eventually it will need professional treatment.

Carpet Knights have been cleaning carpets in Cornwall since 2004 and have quickly become the areas favourite carpet and upholstery cleaners. Using some of the most powerful and efficient equipment available to the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry and a process recommended by most of the leading carpet manufacturers Carpet Knights can lovingly restore and revitalise your carpets, removing the damaging dust, grit and other pollutants, spots and stains meaning your carpets will not only look better but last longer too.

Carpet Knights use Eco friendly, plant based, non-detergent cleaning solutions that do not leave a sticky soil attracting residue as commonly associated with traditional detergent based carpet cleaning solutions. This means that once cleaned by Carpet Knights your carpets will stay cleaner, longer.