Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Cornwall

Upholstery can be a huge investment in your home just like your carpets but lets be honest, who vacuums their upholstery as often as they vacuum their carpets?

We are all guilty of falling onto our sofas with our outdoor clothes on, where many of us will remove our outdoor shoes before walking on our carpets. All this use and abuse will result in a build up of soiling, spills and stains. having your upholstery cleaned regularly will not only keep it looking great but will increase the lifespan considerably.

Carpet Knights regularly attend training courses to ensure all our technicians are upto date with the latest fabrics and the latest techniques to be used when cleaning them.

High powered cleaning plants and modern tools coupled with the vast knowledge possesed by Carpet Knights cleaning technicians means that your upholstery will be cleaned to the highest standard.

Carpet Knights clean upholstery for both domestic and commercial situations.