Stain Protection

carpet and upholstery stain protector

Have you ever heard the saying prevention is better than cure? Well that is just as applicable to carpets and upholstery. Carpet Knights can apply their own “Nano Protector” which when applied to your carpets and upholstery will form an invisible shield around the fibres.

This invisible layer prevents soiling from adhering and spots and spills from staining. When something is spilled on a unprotected carpet it will be seen to soak straight into the pile but when spilled on a protected carpet the spill will just sit on top of the pile giving you the much needed time to just wipe it away.

The coating will also make your everyday vacuuming far more effective and your carpets will stay cleaner for longer.

These coatings do wear off and if you have a carpet or piece of furniture that has been treated in the past, maybe you bought it with it already applied, it will need re applying within 3 – 5 years depending on the brand. Carpet Knights are able to do this for you.

Carpet Knights are able to apply our “Nano Protector” to new carpets and upholstery or just cleaned carpets and upholstery.