Upholstery Cleaning

Dirty Cushion

Chair cushion dishes out the dirt.

dirty chair before and after

Look who’s sitting pretty now after a major clean up from us!

Bodmin Town Football Club

Halfway through dirty carpet

Half way through cleaning the clubhouse carpets

Bodmin Town FC dirty carpet

Bodmin Town FC clubhouse carpet starting to look a lot better.

Stain Removal

Dirty stain on carpet

Now you see it!

Dirty stain now removed

Now you don’t

Very Dirty Local Cafe Comes Clean!

Really dirt carpet cleaning

How dirty can a carpet be?

Very dirty carpet

This carpet is very well used!

Removing The Ground In Dust From Rugs

Back dusting rugs

Specialist machine for beating the deep ground in dust out of rugs.

Dust on the floor after back dusting rug

See the dust which has been beaten out of this rug.

Cleaning The Carpets Onboard A BP Tanker

Us cleaning the carpets on this BP tanker in dry dock.

All set up and cleaning carpets on board this BP tanker in dry dock.

Us cleaning the carpets on this BP tanker in dry dock.

6 decks up with no domestic electricity supply is no problem to us.